Fiona Laing ~ Recreational Dance Teacher

Fiona Laing started her dance training as early as 3 years old at the Maritime Conservatory of Performing Arts in Halifax Nova Scotia, her grandmother ran the school and was always her biggest inspiration to start dancing. All and all Fiona has been dancing for 15 years. She has assisted and taught whenever she could at the Conservatory as well as teaching and assisting in summer programs. Choreographing and teaching have always been in the back of Fiona’s mind and she has loved brainstorming ideas in her free time even when she was dancing herself when she was younger. When she hit high school her injuries from dance ended up getting the best of her and she was forced to stop dancing. Fiona graduated from Citadel high school in 2021 and now attends Mount St Vincent University and is studying Child and Youth study to become a teacher.

She states, “I am so excited to get back in a dance studio and teach. Kids make me so happy and dance was my happy place for 15 years. I really want to help kids feel safe and happy when they are in the studio with me.”