Melissa Peck ~ Tumbling Coach & After School Program Leader

Melissa Peck started gymnastics at the age of five. She started competing by age six in artistic gymnastics for over 10 years. Throughout this time period, she began her coaching career as a junior coach which grew into a passion for teaching. At the age of 18, she began training and competing in trampoline and power tumbling. She retired from her gymnast career at 18. Melissa has her level 1 and 2 men’s and woman’s gymnastic artistic courses with GNS. She also has her level 1 and 2 trampoline and tumbling courses. She also participated in the hands-on portion of her level 3. Melissa was also coach and manager for the province of Nova Scotia for Atlantic and Eastern championships. She also has experience coaching multiple cheerleading programs. We consider Melissa to be our head Tumbling Coach.