Summer Camps

Program Overview

EnPointe Studios Summer Camps provide days full of fun and excitement with everything to offer. During our camps we do everything from crafts, to beach days. We also offer bike days, pool days, and most importantly indoor and outdoor games, all day! We also play at various parks and fields and enjoy popsicles and ice cream EVERY week. We also have pizza and PJ parties on rainy days. We also allow for free time and game suggestions so children are able to experience things at their own pace.

Our Summer Camps are also technology free as we believe it is most important for kids to be kids and enjoy the outdoors while connecting with other campers through fun and games. This is an excellent opportunity to make new friends.


Program Requirements & Information

Ages & Sign Up

We offer eight weeks of Summer Camps only being offered on week days, Monday to Friday. The age group intended for this program is any age within the range of 5-10 years old. You are able to sign up for a week, a day, or multiple days. This is up to you.



Invoices will be sent every two weeks. Accounts should be paid up to date prior to the next billing cycle. Please locate “Make A Payment” for more information on how this can be done.



If for any reason you must get in touch with one of our main leaders, we will provide the leader contacts when your child(s) is first signed up.


Items Required

We spend a lot of time outdoors during these camps. This means that your child NEEDS to come with a bottle of sunscreen, a lunch and plenty of water. We do offer water refills throughout the day but we do ask that you come initially with a bottle full. Your child also needs to be coming with a hat and some sort of covering over the shoulders, ie. long sleeve, light shall, t-shirt, etc.

Also ensure your child is coming with a bathing suit, towel or extra change of clothes as we aim to swim on days when the weather is fit. If your child also requires a life vest, ensure you provide one. We DO NOT provide these.

If your child is not sent with one, we will assume that they do not need one.

Children are welcome to bring toys from home that are NOT technology related if they wish. As a side note there is no ensuring this toy will not get broken or lost throughout the day, so this will be at your own risk.


Drop Off & Pick Up

Pick up locations are specified on our website under “Locations”. If there is an exception being made for a different location, then we will contact parents of such.

Drop off time in the morning is no earlier than 8:00 and pick up time is no later than 5:30. If you are wanting to pick early, please contact a leader to inform them prior to, this way we can have your child ready upon arrival.



Please contact us at for more information on this