After School Program

Program Overview

Our After School programs are available in Chester and Lunenburg 5 days a week, and Hubbards on Tuesdays only at this time.

The EnPointe Studios After School Program is not your ordinary after school program. In our program your child will be introduced to several activities such as tumbling, acro, arts & crafts, skating, games, Lego and most importantly outdoor play. We make it a priority for kids to engage with the wilderness and spend time in the fresh air. We implement this year-round. We also partner with organizations within the community that promote learning-based games/activities such as Coastal Action and Recycle Nova Scotia. 

Our After School Program is also technology free as we feel kids should be engaging with each other and their self through play and programs.

Our program also operates in close proximity to elementary schools for easy relocation when school ends and manage pick up at the end of the day.

We promise safety in everything we do and ensure to include engagement in both indoor and outdoor daily activities.


Program Requirements & Information

Note to the Teacher

All parents MUST send a note to their child’s homeroom teacher for the entire month of September (or at least for a month when your child starts the After School Program). This note should be notifying them that your child is attending the After School Program. If your child is not attending our program on a certain due to any circumstance, you must notify us before dismissal time so we are aware, this is imperative.



Invoices will be sent every two weeks. Accounts should be paid up to date prior to the next billing cycle. Please locate “Make A Payment” for more information on how this can be done.



If for any reason you must get in touch with one of our main leaders, we will provide the leader contacts when your child(s) is first signed up.


Items Required

Our program operates during all seasons of the year, this will mean that you should ensure your child is dressed appropriately for the daily weather conditions as we tend to spend a lot of time outdoors. This includes but not limited to sunscreen, hats, snow pants, rain coat, boots, mittens, sweater, extra change of clothes, etc.

Also ensure that your child is coming with extra snacks and water. These can be long days for your child so having them with the right amount of food is important.


Pick Up

Pick up locations are specified on our website under “Locations”. If there is an exception being made for a different location, then we will contact parents of such.

Pick up time is no later than 5:30 and if you are wanting to pick early, please contact a leader to inform them prior to, this way we can have your child ready upon arrival.



Please contact us at for more information on this.


Other Reminders

- We follow the school year calendar which means that we do not offer our services if the school is closed or cancelled, unless we specify in an email that we are offering a program on a closed day.

- You can find your child’s school calendar on their school website.