Lil Ninja’s

One of the most popular children's Martial Arts programs in the province, the Lil Ninja program is the fun intro level for children aged 5-8 years. Children will be introduced to Taekwon-Do basics using entertaining methods while keeping with the Martial Arts tradition of discipline.  Children are tested when they feel prepared to help build confidence and character.  Classes are 45 minutes long and always finish with game time. Upon graduation from the program, Lil Ninja's receive their Lil Ninja Headband and are then moved onto the advanced classes. 


Advanced Ninja’s

The Advanced Ninja program is a competitive level of Martial Arts for children ages 9+. Children will train with the instructor to achieve different levels of the belt as they progress their skills, knowledge and abilities. Children are approximately tested at the end of each session.



The Beginner.  Signifies innocence. No previous knowledge of Taekwon-Do, as that of a beginner student. Students will work on basic conditioning and strength exercises.  Basic Taekwon-Do movement and simple kicking and punching skills.



Represents the earth where the seed of Taekwon-Do is planted as the foundation of Taekwon-Do is being laid. Students are now moving more confidently with a basic understanding of power theory.  New kicks are introduced as long as controlled sparring.  Simple kicking and punching combinations are introduced.



Represents the green planet growing as the skills of Taekwon-Do develop.

Students are now considered senior belts and are now introduced to the "high-flying" more difficult kicks.  Sparring now includes head contact and the students are moving quick and able to control their technique much more efficiently.



Signifies the sky and the heavens, towards which the tree grows as Taekwon-Do training progresses. Students are introduced to difficult patterns (imaginary combat) which further increase co-ordination.  Sparring skills are now very fluent and intelligent counters and combinations are easily performed.



Signifies danger, cautioning the student to exercise control, and warning an opponent to stay away. Students cardio and conditioning are excellent.  Power and speed are impressive, and the student will now fine tune her skills for Black Belt.



The opposite of white, therefore signifying a maturity and proficiency in Taekwon-Do. It also indicates the holder’s imperviousness to darkness or fear. Student now possesses the skills to entertain an audience and protect themselves properly in real life situations.