Tiny Tots

This program is designed to develop self-confidence and a trusted relationship with the instructors. Skills are broken down into easily mastered activities. These activities help children gain trust in themselves and develop listening skills that aid them in navigating within a group environment.  The program also develops balance, flexibility, strength, agility and coordination. This is accomplished through songs, dance, games and circuit activities.

Ages 3-5yrs.


Beginner Gym

This beginner class follows a reward style program where tumblers will be given a report card at the end of each session with level appropriate skills that they will work on for the following session. This will allow children and parents to view their progress.  Tumblers will then be given a token for each level they complete during the course of the sessions. Levels will include swing, spring, statics, landings, locomotion and rotations.

Ages 5-8yrs.


Advanced Tumbling

This Tumbling class offers athletes the chance to work on floor-based skills with the aid of mini tramps, hills, and safety-mats. This style of class is great for cheerleaders, dancers, and individuals interested in parkour activities looking to advance their skills in a safe environment. The class focuses on conditioning for strength and flexibility as well as stations to develop your acrobatic skills. Skills learned include handsprings, walkovers, aerials and saltos also known as flips. 

Ages: Coach Recommendation